Commercial Mortgages for Business

These mortgages are designed for owner occupiers to acquire their own trading premises – each proposition is different from the next demanding a bespoke solution.

There are a large number of providers who can be approached directly or through a brokerage like CFS. The product details vary substantially between each lender and is influenced by the sector in which the business operates and the quality of the business management. The profitability of the business will decide whether or not the loan repayments can be easily met and determine the size of loan the lender will offer.


The end result is always a function of detail and the capacity for a broker to provide a detailed assessment of the current position, the immediate loan requirements and what is planned by the client for the future of the business to the lender.

Unlike residential mortgages each proposition is different as is the solution – there is no reliable computer program that will select a lender and product for a client – the best solutions come from open discussion and the application of experience.

When arranging a commercial mortgage, the gathering and reviewing of information about the business, business owners/shareholders/officials and the property being acquired or refinanced is an integral part of the process. Getting this right allows for appropriate options to be discussed and total transparency maintained.

Simon Purdom